USA 2013
A totally riveting and entertaining film dealing with the rise and fall (although I wouldn’t be surprised if he resurrects) of Julian Assange,and the unfortunate life and preoccupations of Private Bradley Manning, and their intense desire to expose the secrets of governments and large corporations. Documentary-maker Alex Gibney has interviewed many interesting journalists and keen advocates of freedom of speech and the internet. One can only wonder how much more provocative the narrative would have been if he had a crystal ball and could have included the hapless Edward Snowden! I highly recommend this film.

One thought on “WIKILEAKS

  1. James Kalmakoff

    This is a MUST see film — given the changes to the spy laws being proposed in NZ. I was surprised at the poor attendance to the session I went to — Friday at 1:30. Maybe it was the time of day or a reflection of the apathy of NZers.

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