NZ International Film Festival

The Human Scale: Denmark, Documentary

This film deals with the urbanization of cities in China and Bangladesh, which are supporting cars, not people, whilst cities like Copenhagen and New York, which had been built for the automobile, are now focussing in the other direction, i.e. turning streets into people-friendly areas with seating and meeting places, as well as bicycle lanes. The film lastly portrays Christchurch, a city in transition after the devastating earthquakes—it has the unique opportunity to build a people-oriented city.  The story is told through the eyes of Danish guru, Jan Gehl, who has studied cities for years “First we shape our cities, then our cities shape us”.

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  1. Lorene Cecconi Post author

    I am not certain how to reply to that question, but there are three comments I would like to make:
    1- I find that taking the bus into town is quite liberating, and more buses with free transfers (for those who have to pay for the service) would be extremely helpful
    2- The banning of trucks lumbering through the centre of the city would travelling through the centre a far more pleasant experience.
    3 – Cars should also be banned from using designated streets thus making them bicycle and pedestrian friendly

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