Loading photos from camera

A written description (for PCs or Macs)

  • Plug in the USB cable (or insert the memory card) and go to My Computer (Desktop on the Mac)
  • The memory card should show up under Removable Disks or Cameras.
  • Click on the icon, and your pictures should be there.
  • To get them saved on your computer, select them all (Control+A) and copy them (Control+C).
  • Go to your My Pictures folder and paste them in (Control+V).

NOTE: For Mac’s — plugging in the USB cable or memory card will usually launch iPhoto — then proceed using the online instructions.

This video is for ‘Dummies” using the USB cable …..

This video illustrates the 3 ways you can get photos on to your computer:

  • -Plugging in the memory card
  • -using a card reader attachment
  • -using the USB cable (the preferred option)

For a very casual, chatty  (PC) version…