iTunes for PC

Below is a quick summary of the steps illustrated in the video:

  1. Type in:
  2. Enter email address (optional) –> click download –> click on run –> next –> install –> finish
  3. Close browser — open iTunes from icon on desktop
  4. Explore options on iTunes screen
  5. TV shows, movies, music, etc
  6. Sync your music, etc to iPod, iPad, iPhone — or get new music (see later….)
  7. How to pay for your apps and other purchases using credit card registration  — (option to buy a scratchy card/coupon and use the redeem option)
  8. Connect iPad/iPhone to sync — Register your iPad or iPhone
  9. Enter information on the screen
  10. Check for updates, etc
  11. Important to BACKUP all your apps and content
  12. Define how you want to sync
  13. Click on iTunes Store
  14. Create an account  Apple ID and password (Caps, l/c, number) — do not have to use credit card — see step # 7.
  15. Enter verification details
  16. Continue with the Apple ID –> verification will be sent to your email account
  17. Return to iTunes store and login
  19. Load some free apps
  20. Finally, need to ‘sync’ to add app to your iPhone/iPad (ie. download)
  21. To disconnect — EJECT the device from iTunes before disconnecting
  22. ENJOY!!

Click here to download a pdf of the instructions.

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